The benefits of using the ACM RapidMolderTM

The developer and manufacturer of this patented technical sand molding machine

The ACM RAPIDMOLDER is an Automated Chemical Bonded Sand Molding Machine with Pattern Quick Change. Molds per day are controlled by the setting time of the Chemical Bonded Sand and the Speed Time of the Sand Mixer filling the Cope and Drag. Place the RAPIDMOLDER under your Sand Mixer and against your Conveyor.

The RAPIDMOLDER and one man can

  1. Make a complete Cope and Drag Mold.
  2. Make Cope and Spray Cope Cavity.
  3. Make Drag and Spray Drag Cavity.
  4. Place Core in Drag Half if needed.
  5. Lift Cope Half and rotate it 180 degrees.
  6. Align Cope over Drag then lowering the Cope closing the Mold.
  7. RAPIDMOLDER will move Mold to Conveyer and Conveyer will move it to Pouring Station.

Pattern Tooling Quick Change was designed and developed

  1. To change the Pattern Tooling in one minute or less.
  2. To hold tooling in Cope and Drag molding boxes.
  3. The trunnions that hold the Pattern Tooling was designed and developed as core prints to help prevent mold shift.

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